Goodbye Flip Monkey Media

I was about to start off by telling you all about how we changed formats and how things may be looking different, but then it dawned on me that this is probably your first time joining us.

Joe and I, Taylor, are very familiar with format changes as we have had a few over the past few years. We used to have a pretty popular podcast called Social Ferocity but unfortunately we had scheduling issues and stopped it. The Social Ferocity website URL expired, so when we we decided to do more shows together we created Flip Monkey Media. Flip Monkey Media was going to be a YouTube channel that released three shows a week, Joe Tells You, Let Me Rant and We Tell You. We had mild success with the YouTube channel, but we felt that a format change again would help us out. We were able to buy back the URL for Social Ferocity, so we have decided to release just one show a week on the now named Social Ferocity YouTube channel.

Flip Monkey Media is no more, long live Social Ferocity.